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In the Vault
An undertaker finds himself trapped in the vault where coffins are stored during winter for burial in the spring, and is mysteriously injured when he escapes.
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The Crawling Chaos
The story begins with the narrator describing the effects of opium and the fantastical vistas it can inspire. The narrator then tells of his sole experience with opium in which he was accidentally administered an overdose by a doctor during the "year of the plague."
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The Cats of Ulthar
In the tale, an unnamed narrator relates the story of how a law forbidding the killing of cats came to be in a town called Ulthar. "The Cats of Ulthar" was a personal favorite of Lovecraft's, who was an ardent cat lover.
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Аристотель на Востоке и на Западе. Метафизика и разделение христианского мира
Книга современного американского христианского философа Дэвида Брэдшоу, декана философского факультета Университета Кентукки, представляет собой наиболее полное на сегодняшний день историко-философское исследование философского концепта «энергии» и связанных с ним понятий в контексте размышлений о природе Бога и соотношении в Нем сущности и деятельности. Начав с философии Аристотеля как отправного пункта, автор скрупулезно прослеживает эволюцию этого концепта начиная с эллинистических школ и завершая поздними неоплатониками. Основное внимание автор уделяет трансформации и специфике усвоения «энергии» христианской теологией IV-XIV вв. как на Западе (Марий Викторин, Августин, Боэций, Фома Аквинский), так и на Востоке (Каппадокийцы, Дионисий Ареопагит, Максим Исповедник, Григорий Палама), связывая с ними один из определяющих факторов не только догматических расхождений, но и исторического раскола между Западной и Восточной Церковью. Книга адресована как специалистам, так и широкому кругу читателей, интересующихся историей античной, патристической и средневековой философии и теологии.
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The Haunter Of The Dark
The story takes place in Providence, Rhode Island and revolves around the Church of Starry Wisdom. The cult uses an ancient artifact known as the Shining Trapezohedron to summon a terrible being from the depths of time and space.
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The Descendant
"The Descendant" is a story fragment, believed to have been written in 1927. Lovecraft may have been referring to this attempt at a story when he wrote that he was "making a very careful study of London…in order to get background for tales involving richer antiquities than America can furnish."
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Cool Air
A gentleman in New York begins renting an apartment one floor below an aged doctor, who insists on keeping his quarters very chilly. As the two become friends, the old doctor's health begins to deteriorate in a particularly Lovecraftian fashion.
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"Celephais" was created in a dream by Kuranes (which is his name in dreams—his real name is not given) as a child of the English landed gentry. As a man in his forties, alone and dispossessed in contemporary London, he dreams it again and then, seeking it, slowly slips away to the dream-world.
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The Horror at Red Hook
Circles and pentagrams loomed on every hand, and told indubitably of the strange beliefs and aspirations of those who dwelt so squalidly here. In the cellar, however, the strangest thing was found-a pile of genuine gold ingots covered carelessly with a piece of burlap, and bearing upon their shining surfaces the same weird hieroglyphics which also adorned the walls.
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The story describe the appearance of Nyarlathotep as a "man" of the race of the Pharaohs, who claims to have been dormant for the past twenty-seven centuries, and his subsequent travels from city to city demonstrating his supernatural powers. Wherever Nyarlathotep went, the story relates, the inhabitants' sleep would be plagued by vivid nightmares.
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Facts Concerning the Late Arthur Jermyn and His Family
The story begins by describing the ancestors of Sir Arthur Jermyn, a British nobleman. His great-great-great-grandfather, Sir Wade Jermyn, had been an early explorer of the Congo region, whose books on a mysterious white civilization there had been ridiculed. He had been confined to an asylum in 1765. Lovecraft describes how the Jermyn family has a peculiar physical appearance that began to appear in the children of Wade Jermyn and his mysterious and reclusive wife, who Wade claimed was Portuguese.
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Herbert West – Reanimator
The story is the first to mention Lovecraft's fictional Miskatonic University. It is also notable as one of the first depictions of zombies, as corpses arising, through scientific means, as animalistic, and uncontrollably violent creatures.