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Книги автора Malin Leon

Купить книгу Happy ticket. Russian story, автора
Электр. книга
Happy ticket. Russian story
The plot of the story is simple. A friend gave the protagonist a birthday ticket for a birthday. Immediately it turned out that the ticket won 30 million rubles. Events begin to develop rapidly. But then it turns out that there is no gain, it’s a joke, a rally. The spiral unwinds in the opposite direction. But that’s not all, but the end itself promises to be good. Read the book on Ozone, Amazon, Litres, Bookmate and in mobile applications.
Купить книгу Lena-prosecutor. Russian story, автора
Электр. книга
Lena-prosecutor. Russian story
The hero suddenly receives a message from the past and goes to an unheard of adventure, to revive the deceased. What is it, somebody’s joke, a rally or really invented the Elixir of Eternal Life? But real life puts everything in its place. The adventure turns into a deadly danger, and love is an official necessity. The story is quickly read, it is really interesting. There are here also characteristic characters, there is a twisted plot and an unexpected ending.
Купить книгу Agency Amur. Love situations, автора
Электр. книга
Agency Amur. Love situations
The protagonist decided to go into business and establish his own agency, like a detective. But to be engaged only in love relations, such here specialization. In the first case it is necessary to check the «object», a pretty girl, for moral stability. To do this, our head of the agency takes a hotel room and a table in the restaurant downstairs. After supper… And what happened after supper, read in the book.
Купить книгу Passions in a Rich Home. Agency Amur, автора
Электр. книга
Passions in a Rich Home. Agency Amur
Another case of specialists in amorous affairs of the Amur Agency. The daughter of a rich housewife fell in love with a gardener. Spetsam is instructed to extinguish the flame of flaming love. The question, it would seem, has been resolved, but… the gardener is poisoned. In the investigation of this crime, Oleg and Vika will also show themselves only on the best side. As in all the love episodes of the book. The contract is being fulfilled, the bank account is growing, the Agency is booming!
Купить книгу Missing mistress. Agency Amur, автора
Электр. книга
Missing mistress. Agency Amur
One man lost his mistress. And how to find her, if she has a husband? The case is taken by the Agency of Amur, its leader and the main character of the book Oleg, as well as his military assistant Victoria. They find the lady, but everything is not so simple…
Купить книгу Treason willy-nilly. Agency Amur, автора
Электр. книга
Treason willy-nilly. Agency Amur
A wife secretly from her husband is going to file for divorce. And to profitably share the property, sends it (her husband) along with the staff of the Amur Agency to a resort in Egypt. Oleg and Vika readily take on difficult work, help the spouse commit treason. And they are helped, of course, by chance…
Купить книгу Choosing a bride. Agency Amur, автора
Электр. книга
Choosing a bride. Agency Amur
The rich client of the Amur Agency has two “brides”. Should he connect his fate with any of them? The agency copes brilliantly with the task, rejecting both candidates and exhibiting a new, more worthy participant. As a result, all (or almost all) characters are satisfied. The action takes place against the background of the unique nature of Finland.